Fix White Screen of Death in WordPress

The WordPress white screen of death is something which every one of us have probably seen if we have worked with for quite long. This report will cover a few of the most frequent measures you can take to troubleshoot that pesky white display. For those who have never encountered the WordPress white screen of death congratulations. For the rest of you, you know what a frustrating issue it could be. At first glance it looks like all is lost but do not lose hope. I’m going to share with you the different things which might lead to a white screen of death. The way to identify the root cause and ways to fix things as soon as you know what’s happening. Learn how to Fix White Screen of Death in WordPress.

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What is White Screen of Death?

The white screen of death probably got it’s name from the other display that a lot people remember. In lots of ways the Microsoft blue screen and the WordPress white display are the same. They indicate that something has gone awry, and they could both likely both be fixed finally. The principal difference is that the WordPress white display does not show any error messages. Right off the bat which makes things harder to troubleshoot and debug as you don’t have any additional information besides the display is white. So things have to be broken.

Consider the WSOD for a caution flag at a Nascar race. As the driver you do not know precisely what the issue is. But you realize that you are going to need to slow down and move cautiously for the upcoming few laps so as to come out safe on the opposite side. Everyone must slow down until the pieces are picked up or the shattered cars are returned to security. But finally the green flag will come out again and everyone can get back to racing.

What causes a White Screen of Death?

  • There are lots of factors which can make a white screen of death but it is usually one of three things.
  • The first two are the most frequent culprits, and undoubtedly the easiest to diagnose too.
  • Before we begin with the real troubleshooting process, it is important to stop (remember the warning flag), have a deep breath, and begin taking a few notes. Even in case you find yourself hiring a WordPress support group (I know a fairly good one if you are in the market) to fix your issue, these notes will be convenient.

Questions to Ask Before You Touch Your Site


  1. Have you ever installed a new theme lately? More frequently than not, the white screen of death is a problem with the front end of your website. If you’re ready to get your WordPress dash, but the people facing view is revealing white, there is a good chance the problem has been caused by a theme conflict of some type. If you have recently installed a new theme, you will know to look there to solve the matter.
  2. Is your web host coverage any problems? Frequently your hosting company will record any known issues on a status page which they maintain or through social websites like Twitter or Facebook. If you’re searching for a new web host that is definitely a bit of information you will want to discover early. How do they record known issues and where is it possible to track them?
  3. Have you updated any plugins or themes recently? A minor version upgrade can bring a website to it’s knees when the code has not been properly vetted or analyzed for compatibility with WordPress or other plugins. That is why we recommend testing any plugin updates in a staging environment if at all possible.
  4. Have you installed any new plugins on your website recently? When you install a new plugin, you are adding a little (or large) block of code into your site. If not properly analyzed, can create a white display on your website. For the most part the plugin inspection team does a fairly good job to make certain plugins comply with specific coding standards.

With this data in hand you are ready to begin the troubleshooting procedure.

How to Fix White Screen of Death in WordPress

You’re Going to need a couple of tools to debug the white screen of death. To begin, you are going to need a few tools that you might or might not already have.

1) FTP client – If you are unsure what an FTP client is, you can read more about them here. Basically it is a back door way to get your website because you might not have access through a web browser. You may use FTP clients to transfer files to and from the hosting company. We love Transmit but it’s Mac only. Filezilla operates on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and is also free. Beware that you might end up getting a couple of bonus programs which you were not planning on in the event that you install Filezilla.

2) A code editor – This might not wind up being necessary, but might come in handy if there is a code mistake that you will need to debug. You may use a code editor to quickly identify syntax errors in plugin and theme code that you might not have seen otherwise. If you are not comfortable even considering code, then you will likely need to contact professionals when you get to the stage in the troubleshooting process. Atom is now a favorite code editor of late, and is available at no cost on Windows and Mac. One of the first things that you want to identify is whether you can get If you are getting a white screen on the admin pages also, then the following steps will involve an FTP client. You can jump right to the section about how to troubleshoot in case you can not access wp-admin. If you can access wp-admin, the duration of the tutorial just got a great deal shorter for you. You will be able to quickly remove the offender using the info you took down earlier in the report.

3) Deactivate any recently installed or updated plugins – The possible cause of your white display is a new plugin or a newly updated plugin. If you’re ready to login to your dashboard then browse into the plugin display and deactivate any plugins which were recently updated, installed, or altered.

4) Deactivate the other plugins – This measure can be somewhat tedious, but it’s essential. If step one did not resolve the snowy screen for you will want to go through your busy plugins list and deactivate them one at a time before the matter is resolved. I suggest deactivating 1 or 2 at a time, and then assessing the front end of the website to find out if the white display is gone.

5) Change your theme – If once you have deactivated each plugin on your website, you are still getting a white screen, the cause will be either the theme or the database. Their titles are Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, etc.

6) Have a look at host and caching configuration problems -This is an advanced step we won’t go over much in this guide, but after you’ve reached this stage in the troubleshooting process and you are still encountering the white screen of death, it is likely time to contact your web host to determine if they could see any problems occurring at the server level. It has become more common recently with innovative caching and server configurations from managed WordPress hosts.

7) Troubleshoot any potential database problems – This is another innovative step, but there probably are some things that you can check on your own before contacting your hosting company. A corrupt database may be what is causing your white screen of death. This is not terribly uncommon, but you certainly need to proceed with caution before making any changes to your website’s database. Make certain you have a recent backup of your website’s database before making any changes. We advocate a backup solution like VaultPress since it provides hourly copies and simpler restores from case that something goes wrong. Many hosts offer access to phpMyAdmin, which is a visual way to see your site’s database in your web browser.

In this way you can fix Fix White Screen of Death in WordPress. The process is easy to Fix White Screen of Death. You can read twice if you do not understand the process